Announcing Flatfile: AI-powered data importing

Today’s modern businesses rely on software more than ever to operate effectively. A key piece to making software work well for businesses is getting data into and shared across the various tools they use. Unfortunately this is very difficult for companies to do well as the landscape is filled with legacy systems and data that needs to be cleaned, conslidated, and organized without burdening end users. This is why we’re excited about investing in Flatfile.

The founders, David Boskovic and Eric Crane, have experience building exceptionally-designed consumer enterprise applications after working together at companies like Envoy for a number of years as engineering and product leads. We believe they can apply this ethos of simplicity to data importing and create a delightful product that companies of nearly every size and industry can use. This product saves software companies hundreds of hours of development time and makes the data import process fast, accurate, and usable.

Flatfile Team
By focusing on a well-designed user experience, we’re able to transform complex data problems into simple, guided interactions that everyone can use. David Boskovic, CEO of Flatfile

Over time their product will get smarter about cleaning and organizing the data it imports. For example, imagine a system that automatically corrects every phone number’s area code based on the city that’s listed for that row of data or one that automatically maps a column that has the title “Address1” to “Street Address”. Flatfile envisions a world where people can focus on using data vs. entering or cleaning data. We look forward to collaborating with great co-investors like Afore Capital, Founder Collective, Liquid2, and Gradient ventures to help make Flatfile's vision a reality.

Flatfile can find errors or missing fields in large data imports

If you want to add a best-in-class data import experience to your product, visit Flatfile's Homepage to get started.