Join us for The Business Impact of Design on September 12th

The tech industry is finally inviting design to have “a seat at the table.” However, we still need to continuously answer questions like, “why should we invest limited resources in design?” and “why is it important to invest early in design?”

Join us for an evening of case studies on how to demonstrate the value of design and communicate it effectively across an organization. We’ll be featuring talks by design leaders from Pinterest, Slack and Gusto to show how they make the business case for design within their companies.

When: Wednesday September 12th, from 6:00pm-8:30pm

Where: Gusto, San Francisco

Request an invite here by Tuesday, September 4th.


Traditionally, designers aren’t trained to focus on the bottom line and sometimes produce work that doesn’t move the needle for their business. As a result, design has less influence and resources, which often produces a repeating cycle of bad design.

We need to improve the business acumen of designers or we’ll risk losing our relevance at the executive table. Unfortunately, information about the ROI of design is fragmented, inaccessible and constantly changing, especially in Silicon Valley.


On September 12th we’ll be showing examples of how design impacts the success of business to help designers be more effective leaders. Join us at Gusto’s new, beautiful space for appetizers and drinks.

Request an invite by Tuesday, September 4th.