Equipping Underrepresented Designers to Grow as Business Leaders

As part of our ongoing commitment to help create more equitable paths into design and tech, we offered scholarships to our Business Essentials for Designers workshop to Black and underrepresented designers with generous support from Shopify and Google. They also got the opportunity to connect with hundreds of designers from top companies like Slack, Dropbox, Twitter and more. We invite you to meet them and explore their work.


Atikh Bana

Atikh is a NYC-based product designer at Stripe, working on billing. Prior to Stripe, he designed at Datadog, Storj, and for an IT consultancy in the Midwest.

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Maya Rhinehart

Maya is a self-taught product designer, artist, ex-civil engineer, mental health advocate, Spanish language learner, and aspiring writer. She currently works as a Lead UX Designer at athenahealth. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, doodling, designing + building websites for non-profits, mentoring junior designers, and perfecting her chocolate chip cookie recipe.

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Stedman Halliday

Stedman is a designer from Los Angeles, California whose work focuses on digital products, brands, and media. He currently works as a user experience designer at Wunderman Thompson and as a community manager for Designers Guild.

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Catt Small

Catt is a product designer at Asana. She started programming interactive games around the age of 10 and has been going ever since. In her spare time, Catt makes awkward video games, writes, and draws comics.

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DavidAdamu Profile

David Adamu

A product designer passionate about building the future. You can find me at the intersection between people, ideas & products. Currently Product Design Manager at Fliqpay.

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Elina Cecilia

Elina is a Designer based in Barcelona, originally from Mendoza, Argentina. She has been working and learning about the tech industry since 2014, developing her dynamic, playful, and human-centered process, with a focus on brand design, illustration, and web design.

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Kaliq Ray

Kaliq is a Product Designer with a background in illustration, motion, and visual design. When Kaliq is not collaborating on design, he can be found watching vast amounts of video essays on the internet, tinkering with game engines, trying new foods, or talking about stratification economics. If you would like to know more, feel free to connect with Kaliq on LinkedIn.

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Mina Chandler

Hi everyone! I’m originally from San Diego but have spent more than half of my life here in Georgia. My heart still belongs to the ocean. I actually started out my career as pre-med (Cardiology), but it led to HCI and Product Design about a decade later. I’m a Formula 1 enthusiast, self-proclaimed professional gift wrapper, and lover of all things lego. Come find me on LinkedIn!

Breon Hdsht Final

Breon Waters II

I’d describe myself as what happens when Branding and UI have a child (and UX is the godparent). To me Design isn’t about pushing pixels or making sure to copy the latest trend. Design is about making people take action and solving problems.

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Business Essentials for Designers brings together a diverse global community of designers from companies like Google, Dropbox, Twitter, Slack, and more. Whether you’re a product designer, UX researcher, copywriter, or brand designer, this workshop will help you learn the language, mindsets, and tools you need to communicate the business value of your work.

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Special thanks to the Shopify UX and Google Design teams for being our diversity sponsors for this workshop.

Hero image by Jacob Lund from Noun Project.