Introducing Framer Design, Bridging The Gap Between Code and Design

Design tools have always been critical in helping us manifest and build world-changing products and services. However, as the products and services we design become more interactive and complex, our tools have not kept up. This is why Designer Fund invests in designers and engineers building better design and development tools as they are essential to helping us create the next generation of products and services.

Today, with Framer Design, Framer is taking a huge step in making it easier for designers to build complex products. Framer Design is a brand new visual design environment that beautifully integrates with Framer’s leading prototyping tool. This makes Framer the first code-based tool to offer a complete design, interactive prototyping and collaboration workflow.

Even as a web app, it feels smoother than native. It’s solid, does what you expect it to do and then some. I especially like the auto-aligning and responsive settings. I foresee a bright future for Framer. Tim Van Damme, Head of Design at Abstract

We hope this means more designers taking advantage of code as part of their design process, which is becoming essential as we design products for virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, and Internet of Things devices.

The question of “Should designers code?” has been answered. Now the question is: “How might designers learn and take advantage of code?” We believe Framer is a huge answer to that question.

Learn more or download Framer here.

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