An Evening on Designing for Digital Health

At Designer Fund, we believe the world needs better design, and we want to see better user experience in markets like financial services, business tools and digital health. To date, we’ve invested in eight healthcare companies and think that healthcare is a meaningful space for design to have a huge impact.

We’re excited to bring together founders and design leaders from top healthcare startups to discuss designing for digital health.

When: Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Where: Omada Health in San Francisco

Request an invite here by Wednesday, August 1st


Healthcare is a super complex space where great design can both simplify and improve the status quo by an order of magnitude. The team at Better, for example, has built a way for people to get reimbursed on their out-of-pocket expenses. Given today’s healthcare system has difficult to understand coverage, increasing costs, and more out-of-network providers, software that can improve the reimbursement process has the opportunity to meaningful improve people’s ability to afford healthcare at scale.

While we’re excited to see a growing emphasis on design in healthcare and an emergence of more healthcare companies that value design,  there are still many unique challenges when designing for healthcare. For example, data collection, how doctors/hospitals get paid, and incentives for different organizations are critical to the success of digital health companies and things that require sophisticated design solutions.

On August 14th, our guests will share case studies about the challenges in designing for healthcare, what has worked and what hasn’t in addressing those challenges, and what designers should consider if they want to be successful in the digital health space. We hope that by sharing best practices and getting better design into digital health companies we can improve the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Interested in joining us? Request an invite by August 1st.