Operator – Designing a Better Way for People and Businesses to Connect

Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.

Those were the first successful words spoken over a telephone line in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. Thankfully, the world and communication has come a long way since then. People can now stay connected to friends and family all over the world through text messages, photos, and video calls. We can even live-stream special moments to thousands of people at once if we so choose.

Despite this, many local businesses still use the telephone as their primary way of communicating with customers. Want to know if something is in stock? How about if a local business has any recommendations? All these questions continue to be asked and answered in the same manner Watson spoke to Bell 140 years ago: a telephone call.


Enter Operator. Robin Chan and his exceptional team are designing a better way for businesses and customers to connect. Through their app, people can send a photo or message of something they’re looking for and Operator will help them find it.


Though they are just getting started, the platform they are creating will eventually build stronger relationships between people and businesses, free up people’s time, and help businesses improve their customer service. This is why Designer Fund is excited to back Operator and help them build an amazing product and world-class design team for the journey ahead.