Open Roles at Companies That Value Design

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The start of a new year is prime time for mapping out your career path as a designer and plotting your next role. There is no shortage of opportunities to accelerate your career while having a meaningful impact and getting paid well.

At Designer Fund, we’re committed to investing in startups and founders who value design. Many of them are creating innovative, inclusive products in markets that traditionally have poor user experiences, like in health, climate tech, and crypto.

If you're interested in joining a mission-driven company where design matters, check out some of our portfolio companies that are hiring below.

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Climate Tech


1-10 employees | Remote (U.S.) or Denver, CO, San Francisco, CA, New York City, NY

Agriculture sits at the nexus of climate challenges: water scarcity, extreme weather, renewable energy, and soil health. Ambrook is fintech software designed to help farmers make sustainability profitable.

Currently hiring → Designer and Product Engineer

Lumen Energy

1-10 employees | Remote (U.S.) or San Francisco, CA

Lumen Energy is automating clean energy deployment in cities—starting by making getting a fully-financed clean energy system for a commercial building as easy as applying for a credit card. They're a small team of scientists, engineers, and designers committed to powering the world with clean energy.

Currently hiring → Product Designer and Marketing Lead

Remix by Via

1000-5000 employees | Remote (U.S.) or San Francisco, CA, or New York, New York

Remix by Via is building a platform to empower cities to plan the best possible transportation system—from public transit to safer streets to ever-increasing new modes of mobility—for their communities, and for the planet.

Currently hiring → Senior Product Designer

Creative Tools


1-10 employees | Remote (U.S.) or San Francisco, CA

Pounx is a browser-based, collaborative platform built for 3D designers. Instead of waiting on massive 3D files, a design team can work on the same file at the same time—making it as easy as 2D.

Currently hiring → Graphics Engineer


11-50 employees | Remote (U.S.)

Marketers waste countless hours organizing, finding, approving, and sharing content. Air automates these tasks, giving creators back time to do what they do best: create.

Currently hiring → Senior Product Designer and Junior Product Designer


11-50 employees | Remote (U.S.)

Maps are increasingly a part of our lives, whether it's sketching out a hike with friends or monitoring unexpected snowstorms. Yet it's surprisingly difficult to make one yourself. Enter: Felt. It's a collaborative mapping tool that lets anyone make and share maps on the internet.

Currently hiring → Front-End Engineer and Product Designer

Noun Project

11-50 employees | Remote (U.S)

Icons are some of the most universal communication tools available, crossing language and cultural boundaries. Noun Project’s community of designers from 120+ countries is building the most diverse and extensive collection of iconography ever created.

Currently hiring → Senior Product Designer


11-50 employees | Remote (Americas)

Remotion is a shared video teamspace that makes real-time collaboration feel human. Made for hybrid and distributed teams, the platform displays teammates and their availability right on the desktop, enabling open communication and a more connected culture.

Currently hiring → Product Designer

Digital Health


11-50 employees | San Francisco, CA

There's a high barrier to entry for progressive technologies in healthcare, given how regulated and complex the industry is. Commure allows developers to rapidly build and deploy modern health software. Learn more about the design opportunity at Commure.

Currently hiring → VP of Design & User Experience

Omada Health

501-1000 employees | Remote (U.S.)

Omada Health is a virtual-first care provider that makes it possible for people with chronic conditions to achieve long-term improvements in their health. At Omada, design is a strategic problem solving tool that plays a vital role in the business.

Currently hiring → User Researcher



1-10 employees | Remote

SuperHi’s mission is to make creative education better designed. They help people learn practical skills in code, design, and project management through go-at-your-own-pace courses, and will be launching new initiatives (like SuperHi Basic Income) over the next year that lets people get paid for sharing their creative skills.


51-100 employees | Remote or San Francisco, CA

Formation is a virtual fellowship designed to help engineers land life-changing roles at innovative companies around the world. Their platform combines adaptive learning technology with a network of industry experts to create personalized, online training programs for job seekers.

Currently hiring → Senior Product Designer and Product Engineer


51-100 employees | Remote

Wayfinder was born at the Stanford Institute of Design after asking one key question: how can we reimagine adolescent education to develop a student’s sense of meaning, purpose, and belonging? The organization provides meaningful educational experiences for teens through their tailored social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum.

Currently hiring → Design Research Director and Curriculum Video Project Manager



11-50 employees | Remote (U.S.)

AtoB is modernizing the payments infrastructure for the trucking and logistics industry. Building for fleet managers in the office and drivers on the road, they strive to design products that are efficient, satisfying, and useful.

Currently hiring → Senior Product Designer


11-50 employees | Remote (U.S.)

Want to help fight organized crime, human trafficking, and drug cartels through design? Hummingbird might just be the place for you. The team is building beautifully designed tools to help anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing operations do their work in a more effective and collaborative way.

Currently hiring → Product Designer

One Finance

101-250 employees | Remote (U.S.)

One is helping improve the financial lives of hard-working families and individuals by seamlessly combining saving, spending, sharing, and borrowing into one account.

Currently hiring → Senior Product Designer and Marketing Designer


5001-10000 employees | Remote (North America)

Since its founding in 2010, Stripe has evolved from a developer-focused payments platform to a 14-product suite that facilitates an array of financial interactions online, supporting businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe. Get an inside look at Stripe design’s team.

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11-50 employees | Remote or San Francisco, CA

Getting compensation right is crucial for scaling companies and hiring talent. Employee compensation software Pequity helps companies build pay programs that enable fair and competitive pay practices.

Currently hiring → Senior Product Designer


51-100 employees | Remote (U.S.)

Monograph’s cloud-based software helps architects manage, plan, and grow their companies. Founded by a team of trained designers who value a rigorous and playful approach to design, Monograph is a great place to be a designer (bonus: they have 4-day workweeks).

Currently hiring → Senior Product Designer and Product Designer


101-500 employees | Remote (U.S.)

Forma is a modern-day benefits platform that helps employees choose health and wellness options that are right for them. Their employee-centric approach allows companies to deliver benefits in a personalized yet scalable way.

Currently hiring → Senior UX Researcher and Senior Content Designer


101-500 employees | Remote

By uniting an ecosystem of developer tools and technologies, Netlify is making it 10x easier and faster to build, deploy, and scale web applications. The company is growing a world-class design team that values diversity, collaboration, and improved developer experiences.

Currently hiring → Senior Brand Designer


1000-5000 employees | Remote or San Francisco, Denver, New York

Gusto is a people platform that makes it easy for businesses to onboard, pay, insure, and take care of their employees. At Gusto, design has a seat at the table—thanks to its deeply collaborative internal culture, and leaders who make design a top priority. Learn more about Gusto’s design team.

Currently hiring → Product Design Leader and Senior Product Designer



11-50 employees | Remote

Foundation is a platform that aims to build a new creative economy—a world where creators can use the Ethereum blockchain to value their work in entirely new ways. Since launching in early 2021, they’ve cemented themselves as the flagship, design-led company of Web3.

Currently hiring → Lead Product Designer and Senior Product Designer


11-50 employees | Remote or Moscow, Russia

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have had a breakout year, but operating one can be time-consuming, expensive, and risky. Through its one-click platform, Superdao is making it easier for online communities to build and launch their own DAOs.

Currently hiring → Product Designer