Women in Design 2017: Women Working Together

We’re thrilled to announce our sixth Women in Design event on Thursday, September 28th. This year, we’ll welcome design leaders from Adobe, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to explore the theme of women working together and how female leaders can better collaborate and celebrate success in the workplace. Dinner, talks, and a panel will be hosted at Adobe’s headquarters in San Francisco from 5:00-9:00pm.Request an invite by September 15th.

At Designer Fund, we aspire to elevate female perspectives that will help women craft fulfilling careers as leaders within their companies. Women partnering and leaning on each other for mentorship enables more women to take risks and feel empowered in their roles. Yet, there are present barriers to collaboration in the technology and design industries. We still hear frustrating accounts about lack of safe space for women or stories of disempowerment and imposter syndrome in male-dominated work environments. And among female teammates, women can battle internally with competition and comparison. We’d like to provide a positive angle on the way female leaders can come together with momentum to champion each other’s successes and help each other bring powerful products, services, and ideas into the world.

Our goal for this year’s discussion is to inspire experienced women designers through resonant stories and tactical advice from top design leaders in tech.


The evening will feature a panel and lightning talks by design leaders spearheading the conversation on women working together. We’ll hear from Jamie Myrold (VP Design at Adobe), Bo Lu (Design Lead at Pinterest), Cathy Lo (Product Design Lead at Facebook), Julie Norvaisas (Director of User Experience Research at LinkedIn), Steve Johnson (VP User Experience and Innovation at Netflix), and Laura Naylor (Head of UX Research at YouTube).

Request an invite by September 15th.

This year, we’re excited to feature custom lettering by Rosa Kammermeier, a lettering artist and graphic designer from Munich, Germany and Adobe Creative Resident for 2017.